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Latest from the Blog

Pretty V – Uh Uh

Pretty V or as most would know – Voldy Moyo, Is a well-known architect in a new wave of hip hop referred to as ambient trap/lo-fi alternative rap. Hailing from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, his music is a decoration of metropolitan sounds exploring a bunch of scattered thoughts and feelings. Imagine a scrapbook of thoughts…

Dutchavelli – Bumpy one

Its been a bumpy period for Dutch.. to say the least.. Personal allegations aside, he’s back dropping music & in his most recent release ‘Bumpy one’ over a skippy drill beat he addresses a few things.. There’s is no doubt he’s a strong character, and as a fan of Dutch its good to see him back…

Artan – See Another Morning

So I’ve taken a little break from blogging over the past month, mainly due to work and other commitments. But after hearing Artan’s latest release “See another morning”, it ignited a flame inside me and through the pure notion of relatability I had to draw some words on this. When I listen to Artan in…

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