Artan – See Another Morning

So I’ve taken a little break from blogging over the past month, mainly due to work and other commitments. But after hearing Artan’s latest release “See another morning”, it ignited a flame inside me and through the pure notion of relatability I had to draw some words on this. When I listen to Artan inContinue reading “Artan – See Another Morning”

ESK – Wildness 1,2 & 3

Briefly charting the changes in human relationship with the natural world over time, ESK takes a deep dive in ‘Wildness 1,2 & 3’ taken from his soon to be released mixtape ‘Business secrets of the pharaohs’. As a fan of conscious hip hop, this track immediately stood out to me. It’s refreshing and inspiring toContinue reading “ESK – Wildness 1,2 & 3”

Central Cee – Cold Shoulder/Retail Therapy

It’s been a solid start to the year for Central Cee, with the release of singles ‘Retail Therapy’ & ‘Cold Shoulder’. Building on the hugely successful release of ‘Obsessed with you’, and in anticipation of the release of his New Mixtape ‘23’, which has been announced will be dropping on 25th February. Cold Shoulder “GodContinue reading “Central Cee – Cold Shoulder/Retail Therapy”

Sonny Green – CAME FROM

Sonny Green is a grime artist from Southend on Sea. Also, founder of the spoken word platform Trouble Tounges. Sonny is a prominent grime artist coming out of Essex, and has featured on urban music platform’s such as SBTV and BL@CKBOX , he has also performed at Reading on the BBC music introducing stage. In CAMEContinue reading “Sonny Green – CAME FROM”

Digga D x StillBrickin – Pump 101

Digga D and Liverpoolion driller StillBrickin have collaborated brilliantly in ‘Pump 101’, taking a brief step away from drill to bring a fresh wave of energy on an a sampled beat from G unit classic ‘Stunt 101’. Digga is waving the flag for UK drill at the moment, and he is gathering global recognition withContinue reading “Digga D x StillBrickin – Pump 101”

Jadasea – Fades (produced by edgar the beatmaker)

Wind whispers its applause, rain pours & doesn’t talk. It takes its course to our cries it ignores. Still we searching for the source for the truth, for the root, & the cause. Empty thoughts fill my head with remorse. Reflecting my flaws, no perfection, the rest ain’t assured. i’ve left it before, now i’veContinue reading “Jadasea – Fades (produced by edgar the beatmaker)”

Dpart – No Fixed Abode

From Being Homeless to Signing His First Management Contract. North West London’s Dpart is back with ‘No Fixed Abode’. Hailing from humble beginnings, Dpart talks about his journey from being homeless to signing his first management deal. After a 3 year break from music, the last 12 months have been a whirlwind for Dpart whoContinue reading “Dpart – No Fixed Abode”

DialE – Atlantis

In the past couple years we have seen artists such as Ayrtn channel an new genre of UK rap known as ‘Chill rap’ or ‘Jazz rap’. In opposition to mainstream rap, such a genre has found its feet, through technological advancement providing artists with an ability to record from home and promote themselves independently. ActingContinue reading “DialE – Atlantis”