Pretty V – Uh Uh

Pretty V or as most would know – Voldy Moyo, Is a well-known architect in a new wave of hip hop referred to as ambient trap/lo-fi alternative rap. Hailing from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, his music is a decoration of metropolitan sounds exploring a bunch of scattered thoughts and feelings. Imagine a scrapbook of thoughts compelled into a range of metaphors and slang induced phrases, aligned upon an ambient sound you could relate to that found in old arcade video games. Is what you get when you listen to Voldy.

Following ‘Beverly (sped up)’ a snappy but peaceful drop (an utterance of a recent break up/heartache). His 2nd release of 2022 ‘Uh uh’  atop a carefree and colourful mix, Pretty v amplifies his ethereal like energy, which is represented in alignment in its visuals. A track which is sure to create a ‘up in the clouds’ like aura in your listening environment. An artist who can be interpreted as somewhat insular in his music approach, but also someone creating a fresh and interesting sound along with comparables such as Jadasea and Mike -artists who he has toured with on several occasions recently (I was lucky enough to see them in December of last year)

Pretty V is one to keep an ear to for sure. Rumour has it; he’s due to drop his next project later this year – I’m EXCITED to see what he gon’ bless us with next!

Check it out below:

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