Artan – See Another Morning

So I’ve taken a little break from blogging over the past month, mainly due to work and other commitments. But after hearing Artan’s latest release “See another morning”, it ignited a flame inside me and through the pure notion of relatability I had to draw some words on this.

When I listen to Artan in some way’s I feel I’m taking a trip through my own thoughts and feelings. Whether by chance, or genuine intent he has this ability to connect with a listener. Maybe, as a fellow 20 something, there’s things I can relate too. But I think what makes Artan one of my favourite artists, is how he articulates these thoughts & feelings so naturally, that when listening to his music, everything he is saying just clicks into place and feels like it’s something that in that moment in time, I needed to hear.

“See Another Morning” is another high quality addition to Artan’s collection of what I would call therapeutic rap (I made that up on the spot but that’s what it feels like for me). Here’s a couple lyrics that stood out for me, and hopefully they can help spark a similar fire in you.

“Can’t run a marathon and give up at the 3rd mile”

“Pain is only temporary, get up and get busy bro”

“Dust off both your shoulders, open eyes, don’t look through pigeon holes”

Look at the bigger picture, let your mind expand and vision grow, accept that you use 10% and learn things that you didn’t know”

“Your teens are there learning, your 20s aren’t concerning, your 30s get some burden. So make sure you aren’t diverting from your plan, cause if you stick it out one day your understand”

… actually there’s too many list, go listen to the whole song!

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