ESK – Wildness 1,2 & 3

Briefly charting the changes in human relationship with the natural world over time, ESK takes a deep dive in ‘Wildness 1,2 & 3’ taken from his soon to be released mixtape ‘Business secrets of the pharaohs’. As a fan of conscious hip hop, this track immediately stood out to me. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see an artist using music to delve into such a topic. Directed by Huw Wahl. The visuals are impressive and align perfectly with the aura and intention of the track.

Beats produced by long term collaborator Sour Ground/Stone Garden create an eery/introspective setting, for ESK to narrate a journey through time, with each part of the track touching on a different stage in the evolution of human relationship with the natural world.

Esk begins reciting the evolution of the wildness, and how it changed following the cultivation of land by humans.. from an innocent space to one captured and redirected by human civilisation.

“There was valley’s carved by glaciers of ice”

“Things changed land became contained by boarders”

“Vultures built fortress’s and raised forces and proclaimed themselves as kings & lordships”

Esk then goes on to explain the impact of human cultivation, more specifically the negative impacts caused by housing developments & industrialisation.

“Step forward centuries, new millennium”

“Birds eye view of the enclosures, heavily grazed made the rain cause erosion”

“the streams ran stagnant… sludge stank pouring out the waste pipes from the factories”

The third part of the track, and probably my favourite, features a delve into perhaps the most relatable stage for many of us. The impact of technology and how digitalisation has changed the way we interact as human beings, with each other & the natural world. Sadly, technology has in many ways captured our attention, taking us away from the most important thing we have…. nature.

“Astroturf front lawns, fake plastic tree’s… the wildness is now confined to ravines and dreams”

“We got daily screen time of 8 hours, technological advances render purchases worthless and obsolete.

ESK is unique in his art, and in an Akala like fashion had my head scrambling trying to understand the complexity & depth of his lyrics.

As ESK repeats ‘What would the world be.. wet and wildness, let em be left, let em be left, wildness and wet, long live the weeds of the wildness yeah”  

Check out Wildness 1,2,3 below & find more of ESK at

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