Central Cee – Cold Shoulder/Retail Therapy

It’s been a solid start to the year for Central Cee, with the release of singles ‘Retail Therapy’ & ‘Cold Shoulder’. Building on the hugely successful release of ‘Obsessed with you’, and in anticipation of the release of his New Mixtape ‘23’, which has been announced will be dropping on 25th February.

Cold Shoulder

“God knows my intention, I sin for the sake of progress, got a big heart when It comes to my family. But in the streets my heart is the coldest. My personal life ain’t right, but I’m putting myself first, so I won’t lose focus. Remember I needed a helping hand, reached out and I got cold shoulders”

In ‘Cold Shoulder‘, Cee switches it up, getting introspective over a relatively laid-back drill beat. He delivers a reflective take on his come up, navigating his thoughts and reflecting on his personal life, his relationships, his beef. We get to know Central Cee more here, his personality comes out more than it has in other tracks. Less toxicity. Though, the DBE like toxicity is still a vibe. (this shit smacks in clubs, and we need to hear it at times, I don’t know why but there’s a time and a place for sure)

Central Cee, is an artist who manages to make a vibey track, but also keeps an ear to material which is inspiring. ‘Cold Shoulder’ adopts a rags to riches type narrative, and after the success Cee as had, it feels appropriate that he has released a track like this.

Retail Therapy

“I’m living a movie but it ain’t scripted, god is my witness get out my business, back in the day I had one pair of trainers, I wore that shit till it gave me blisters”

“Told her that I’m a Gemini, now she on google checking the compatibility”

More in line with what we would expect from Central Cee, ‘Retail therapy’ captures the art of Cee’s mainstream appeal. A track full of punchy, alliterative sentences which somehow connect with a listener, regardless of their background. He effortlessly presents a range of subjects and connects them together over a beat which brings a seamless listening experience.

He’s found his art, and knows how to make a track for mainstream ears. 2022 can only be a positive one for Central Cee, the growth of his music, and his fan base.

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