Jadasea – Fades (produced by edgar the beatmaker)

half-life (2019 ep)

Wind whispers its applause, rain pours & doesn’t talk. It takes its course to our cries it ignores. Still we searching for the source for the truth, for the root, & the cause. Empty thoughts fill my head with remorse. Reflecting my flaws, no perfection, the rest ain’t assured. i’ve left it before, now i’ve let it tempt me don’t test me i’m torn, we been through the storm now out the other side still searching for the warmth. Still feel the same, feelings still in vain, in and out of shade, way too cold for me to stay. Jada yeah i’m Jaded, fate in my hands, no faith, yeah it faded.. away


Jadasea….verse had me caught in deep thoughts for a solid hour or .. day

A highly introspective analogy on perhaps the cycle of his thoughts (but probably relatable to all of us). Trying to find light through endless searching, but a tendency to never fully get to the place he wants to be. A cycle of storms & searching for warmth to only end up feeling the same. A conscious understanding of how falling enthusiasm & lack of faith, can cause you to lose your direction,

deep asf & not for the light hearted.

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