Dpart – No Fixed Abode

From Being Homeless to Signing His First Management Contract. North West London’s Dpart is back with ‘No Fixed Abode’.

Hailing from humble beginnings, Dpart talks about his journey from being homeless to signing his first management deal. After a 3 year break from music, the last 12 months have been a whirlwind for Dpart who managed to clinch 2x UK Download Chart top 40’s with his single ‘Declan Rice’ & Album ‘Deep Art’. A series of single releases this year including ‘Really about this’ (which earned an energised remix with Mic Righteous), ‘Squid Game (wake up)’ and most notably his impressive SBTV Warm up session all showcase Dpart’s impressive lyrical ability. His return is a breath of fresh air for fans of real rap. Also, an advocate for mental health, Dpart is clear with his intentions with his music, with a genuine ambition to help others through narrating his own story & struggles through his music.

“Not just music this Is deep art. “it’s not just music to me, its therapy, an outlet, it’s a release, its everything”

interview on Discovery

Over a skippy upbeat drill instrumental by Heatmaky, Dpart continues in a similar vien in ‘Fixed Abode’ . Coming with clean visuals, Dpart expresses his story in this energising and bouncy track. Getting straight to the point Dpart introduces himself with “There’s more to this story man“. A clear indication that he is not done with music and with over 10 years experience in music, he has a lot more to give.

He touches upon a range of topics in the track such as his difficult unbringing, the disloyalty he has experienced; and how he overcame his struggles and got his life together to be in the place his is now.

“Not full of myself I’m just proud, real ones understand there’s no doubt, if you came from where I came from you’d understand. On a night bus weren’t none of this planned.”

Genuinely, i love the energy Dpart shows throughout the track. its an inspiring take on how one can make the most of his talent and through struggle and hardship, hustle to try to create a positive life. Also, showcasing a very accurate take on mental health, with an awareness that although he has turnt his life around, he still struggles from time to time, but theres appreciation that life is a lot better than it used to be.

“I was forced to support me, thought id be living that life past 40. Then I clocked that this isn’t life, got a shit 9-5, did a bit on the side. And you know what? I grinded since, still struggle with my brain but my life is sick

It’s clear Dpart has been on a rollercoaster journey, but its even more clear that he has learnt a lot through his experience, and is ready to put his knowledge & talent into fruition and make a name for himself!

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