DialE – Atlantis

In the past couple years we have seen artists such as Ayrtn channel an new genre of UK rap known as ‘Chill rap’ or ‘Jazz rap’. In opposition to mainstream rap, such a genre has found its feet, through technological advancement providing artists with an ability to record from home and promote themselves independently. Acting against elitism in the music industry, we are seeing a wave of new independent artists paving their own paths and sound.

An artist that has caught my attention recently, is East London’s DialE. DialE fits in with this new genre of ‘Jazz rap’, leading with a refreshing & jazz infused production. His music follows this easy-going, laid-back sound, filled with wise and inspirational lyrics. His music is energising & mind opening.

DialE continues this in his new drop ‘Atlantis’.

“Diving in the deep end, no one to depend on but myself. Is it wealth over health or is it health over wealth?”

“Im tryna get my vision right, im tryna get my vision right”

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