Artan – Time Will Tell

North London artist Artan has released his new EP ‘Time Will Tell’. Ive been following Artan’s work for the past 18 months, after a friend sent me a link to ‘Whym I high?’. The thing that draws me to Artan’s music is how relatable and honest his lyrics are, and he presents them in a way which you can vibe to. Being able to do this is a talent in itself, and he continues this in ‘Time Will Tell’. In a period of time, where mental health is so important, Artan’s intentions with his music are very relevant. After bursting onto the scene with releases on platforms such as GRM Daily & Link Up TV, Artan has recently turned his attention to establishing himself as an independent artist within the UK scene, releasing the majority of his music on his own platform & promoting independently. 

ARTAN - Time Will Tell. Bleep.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Artan was releasing a new EP, with his latest project ‘Scattered Thoughts’ only being released in October of last year. In a similar vein to scattered thoughts, the album is heavily focused on Artan’s honest reflection of his thoughts and how he is feeling.

This theme is expressed in the bulk of the album. Interestingly each tracks touches a slight different emotion/feeling. Tracks such as ‘Rain’ & ‘I Try’ illustrate the doubts & negative thoughts that we tend to battle on daily basis, here Artan expresses his understanding that its important to try and remain present during difficult times, and that it can be normal too feel lost and unappreciative of what you already have, but again.. its important to ‘learn to dance in the rain’ and enjoy the journey that life provides.

‘Cause sometimes I get so stressed I don’t know what’s been going on, hope i’ll be fine. And sometimes I I am so blessed but I can’t see it through my eyes, but I try’ – I try

Moving onto latter tracks It’s Fine, Used To & Its not about. here I felt a change in the mood of the project, Artan narrates a period of maturation and progression in his mental state. In a complete fashion, these tracks seem to round off feelings expressed during the start of the EP. As a listener I was intrigued in the way that Artan seemed to complete such a introspective start to the album, by leaving us with some inspiring and positive takes on negative emotions and how he/and we can be more aware and feel more positive through forgetting about peoples opinions, and taking time to relax and reflect on our journey, and most importantly take each step at our own pace and find a healthy balance between work, money, and relationships.

‘Its fine, I know one day I’m gonna get in time, they won’t ever know how I’m feeling inside, I need peace, but Im in pieces still I know, Its fine. – Its Fine

‘Im living life, but I don’t know if its right but that’s ok’ ‘cause I used to feel so broke, but nowadays I’m on the mend, and I’m learning if your down and out it might not be the end.’ – Used to 

‘Act like no ones there to watch, I don’t care if they care if they care or not. It’s not about the time we lost its all about the time we got’ – Its not about

Lastly, Artan also manages to include a couple vibey tracks in High Life ft WIZ 36IX, & London Town which round of the EP nicely.

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