Craig Xen — Fall in love with me

“I make her, I make the whole motherf***in world goin’ fall in love with me”

Craig Xen is well known for his frequent collaborations with XXXTentacion, and Ski Mask the Slump God in ex Florida hip hop collective ‘Members only’. The Trio also famously appeared together in XXX’s interview on No Jumper in 2016. Its safe to say that Craigs music has been positively influenced by the likes of XXX and Ski Mask.

Usually associated with more of an EMO rap sound. Craig shows us a different side of him in his blissful single ‘Fall in love with me’. The single was released initially on since deleted album ‘Protect me from myself’ which contains unreleased tracks that were not included in his most recent project ‘Broken Kids Club’ (which by the way is extremely good).

Craig releases a bundle of positive affirmations, inspiring the listener. Opening up his mindful side he leaves us with a heap of inspiration, expressing his impressively positive mind state. “The Universal Laws are always workin’ my favour cause I feel great think it and I say it and that makes it real intangible for me, cant you see? I was down bad took my rags turnt them into riches”. Reading up on Craig recently I learnt that his artistry name ‘Craig Xen’ relates to a highschool phase he had when he was into Spirituallity and Hallucinogens.

“Xen (formerly Zen) came from — I was in a — when I was high school, I had a uh, I had a phase where I was really into, like, spirituality and hallucinogens and shit like that. And so after all that, I would, like, meditate, and then I always uh — that’s when I started, like, developing my uh, my mindset of, like, ‘I can chase my dreams and I can do whatever I want!’ and uh, and so I was Craig Xen because I would meditate…I am in my f**kin’ Zen when I’m creating.” (Craig Xen interview with Adam22 on No Jumper)

Safe to say Craig definitely enters his ‘Zen here,

“Ima write a book this year because i feel like and you gon’ buy it then i’ma be a best selling author”

“i move forward and despite the f**king odds, kept fightin’, i’ma titan in my minds eye, give a f*ck who don’t like it, i’ma keep expressing my feelings till i die.”

Personally, this song inspired me a lot, and got me feeling limitless, thanks Craig.

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