Potter Payper — Round Here

Potter Payper has dropped his first single from Training day 3 ‘Round here’. Produced by M1onthebeat, Potter gives us a taste of his forthcoming project which is to be released on the 18th September.

Potters work rate has been impressive since he’s been released from prison, TD3 is gonna be big, & i’m buzzing to see him finally getting the level of exposure he warrants. In ‘Round here’ again his word play is impressive, this time featuring a series of links to US rappers and films throughout.

I call it “New Crack City”, round here
BK you know I’m Biggie round there

Hungry, starving, they’ll stick you round here
Rico and Money Mitch you round here

His consistency is ridiculous, to release several singles in such a short space of time which are all solid is not easy. He’s bringing new levels to everything he puts out. Keeping it short, say less i’m looking forward to TD3, and can already predict its gonna make a statement.

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