Potter Payper – 2020 Vision

Potter Payper is wasting no time with the release of his latest EP ‘2020 vision’. After spending the past few years incarcerated in HMP, he has recorded and released in the space of a couple days upon he’s release. The past few years have been tough for Potter, and he would have seen the UK scene grow and grow (.. with even couple Brit awards to show for it). Potter has been a huge part of the UK street rap scene, way before drill made its mark. Endorsed by the likes of Giggs, Skrapz, Stormzy, and DJ’s such as Westwood and Charlie Sloth. Potter is certified in the UK rap scene and fully warrants a part in its current make up. It appears the Barking resident is more serious this time around and has shown appreciation for the opportunity he has in front of him.

2020 vision brings with it what you would normally expect from Potter. Lyrics filled with pain, realness & lyrical depth. The EP serves as a breath of fresh air for street rap fans. Potter’s wordplay and ability to drop clever bars smoothly is second to none, and he has certainly been missed in the scene these past few years.

The EP begins with ‘never left’

‘Guess whos back like I never left payper first I aint ever been second best’

No lie this bar definitely hit me (in a good way) its been way too long. Potter brings a heap of energy and enthusiasm in this one on a heavy energetic beat produced by 5ive. Here he expresses his realness and loyalty.

‘Never see me clout chasing on the net, see me live in the flesh’

‘I got pride and honour and I’ll die my friend’

Moving onto ‘2020 vision Freestyle’ which has been released on YouTube, amassing over 800k views so far. Coming with a remixed version of the instrumental for Jay-z’s Holy Grail produced by Cage x AJ. Here, Potter paints us a picture of his journey so far, in rags to riches type narrative. Touching on his trapping background, to balancing this with his life as a rapper.

‘I’m rapping and I’m trapping I don’t know what I prefer’.

‘Filthy Free’ switches up the vibe, with a more mellow beat. Here, Potter pays a touching tribute to his friends who have passed away, and those who are in prison. He also criticises some people who have not been there for him 100% through his journey so far.

‘Man was saying free me, but never sent me a penny’ ‘real gangsta’s don’t snitch looking death in the face’

He also expresses his views on some artists, questioning their legitimacy in what they say on track compared to the life they live.

Like, are you a gangster rapper or you just rap you’re gangster?
‘Cah if you ask me, I think all these rappers are jezzies
They’re dick ridin’ and pic likin’, I sit silent
I been fist fightin’, big knifin’ and spliff lightin’

Finally, PMW (Pussy, money, weed) Potter continues in similar vain to the mood set in ‘Filthy Free’. Here, we see Potter in full.. lyrically deep, pain felt lyrics. Again, in a rags to riches like fashion, Potter details his journey, reflecting on his pain felt from childhood to trapping, to his time in prison and also how this has impacted his relationships. He expresses pain felt from those who have betrayed him in the past and hopes that now he will have more positive energy around him.

‘For 3 whole years a lot of people didn’t check for me, so now I’m home I just hope you keep the energy’

Potter also highlights the severity of the violence in his area, but the also deep inflicted passion for trapping which is still embedded in those around him.

‘Barking and Dagenham bodies just dropped like fashion, and we got an OT passion’

2020 Vision is testament of what is to come from Potter. Training Day 3 will be one of the most anticipated UK releases for the coming year. 2020 has been a tough one but at least we can smile that Potter Payper is back and producing music. He was at studio with M Huncho the other day also..

Check out 2020 Vision below.

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