Pretty V – Uh Uh

Pretty V or as most would know – Voldy Moyo, Is a well-known architect in a new wave of hip hop referred to as ambient trap/lo-fi alternative rap. Hailing from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, his music is a decoration of metropolitan sounds exploring a bunch of scattered thoughts and feelings. Imagine a scrapbook of thoughts compelled into a range of metaphors and slang induced phrases, aligned upon an ambient sound you could relate to that found in old arcade video games. Is what you get when you listen to Voldy.

Following ‘Beverly (sped up)’ a snappy but peaceful drop (an utterance of a recent break up/heartache). His 2nd release of 2022 ‘Uh uh’  atop a carefree and colourful mix, Pretty v amplifies his ethereal like energy, which is represented in alignment in its visuals. A track which is sure to create a ‘up in the clouds’ like aura in your listening environment. An artist who can be interpreted as somewhat insular in his music approach, but also someone creating a fresh and interesting sound along with comparables such as Jadasea and Mike -artists who he has toured with on several occasions recently (I was lucky enough to see them in December of last year)

Pretty V is one to keep an ear to for sure. Rumour has it; he’s due to drop his next project later this year – I’m EXCITED to see what he gon’ bless us with next!

Check it out below:

Dutchavelli – Bumpy one

Its been a bumpy period for Dutch.. to say the least..

Personal allegations aside, he’s back dropping music & in his most recent release ‘Bumpy one’ over a skippy drill beat he addresses a few things..

There’s is no doubt he’s a strong character, and as a fan of Dutch its good to see him back making music, being positive, and getting back to where he left off!

Artan – See Another Morning

So I’ve taken a little break from blogging over the past month, mainly due to work and other commitments. But after hearing Artan’s latest release “See another morning”, it ignited a flame inside me and through the pure notion of relatability I had to draw some words on this.

When I listen to Artan in some way’s I feel I’m taking a trip through my own thoughts and feelings. Whether by chance, or genuine intent he has this ability to connect with a listener. Maybe, as a fellow 20 something, there’s things I can relate too. But I think what makes Artan one of my favourite artists, is how he articulates these thoughts & feelings so naturally, that when listening to his music, everything he is saying just clicks into place and feels like it’s something that in that moment in time, I needed to hear.

“See Another Morning” is another high quality addition to Artan’s collection of what I would call therapeutic rap (I made that up on the spot but that’s what it feels like for me). Here’s a couple lyrics that stood out for me, and hopefully they can help spark a similar fire in you.

“Can’t run a marathon and give up at the 3rd mile”

“Pain is only temporary, get up and get busy bro”

“Dust off both your shoulders, open eyes, don’t look through pigeon holes”

Look at the bigger picture, let your mind expand and vision grow, accept that you use 10% and learn things that you didn’t know”

“Your teens are there learning, your 20s aren’t concerning, your 30s get some burden. So make sure you aren’t diverting from your plan, cause if you stick it out one day your understand”

… actually there’s too many list, go listen to the whole song!

ESK – Wildness 1,2 & 3

Briefly charting the changes in human relationship with the natural world over time, ESK takes a deep dive in ‘Wildness 1,2 & 3’ taken from his soon to be released mixtape ‘Business secrets of the pharaohs’. As a fan of conscious hip hop, this track immediately stood out to me. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see an artist using music to delve into such a topic. Directed by Huw Wahl. The visuals are impressive and align perfectly with the aura and intention of the track.

Beats produced by long term collaborator Sour Ground/Stone Garden create an eery/introspective setting, for ESK to narrate a journey through time, with each part of the track touching on a different stage in the evolution of human relationship with the natural world.

Esk begins reciting the evolution of the wildness, and how it changed following the cultivation of land by humans.. from an innocent space to one captured and redirected by human civilisation.

“There was valley’s carved by glaciers of ice”

“Things changed land became contained by boarders”

“Vultures built fortress’s and raised forces and proclaimed themselves as kings & lordships”

Esk then goes on to explain the impact of human cultivation, more specifically the negative impacts caused by housing developments & industrialisation.

“Step forward centuries, new millennium”

“Birds eye view of the enclosures, heavily grazed made the rain cause erosion”

“the streams ran stagnant… sludge stank pouring out the waste pipes from the factories”

The third part of the track, and probably my favourite, features a delve into perhaps the most relatable stage for many of us. The impact of technology and how digitalisation has changed the way we interact as human beings, with each other & the natural world. Sadly, technology has in many ways captured our attention, taking us away from the most important thing we have…. nature.

“Astroturf front lawns, fake plastic tree’s… the wildness is now confined to ravines and dreams”

“We got daily screen time of 8 hours, technological advances render purchases worthless and obsolete.

ESK is unique in his art, and in an Akala like fashion had my head scrambling trying to understand the complexity & depth of his lyrics.

As ESK repeats ‘What would the world be.. wet and wildness, let em be left, let em be left, wildness and wet, long live the weeds of the wildness yeah”  

Check out Wildness 1,2,3 below & find more of ESK at

Central Cee – Cold Shoulder/Retail Therapy

It’s been a solid start to the year for Central Cee, with the release of singles ‘Retail Therapy’ & ‘Cold Shoulder’. Building on the hugely successful release of ‘Obsessed with you’, and in anticipation of the release of his New Mixtape ‘23’, which has been announced will be dropping on 25th February.

Cold Shoulder

“God knows my intention, I sin for the sake of progress, got a big heart when It comes to my family. But in the streets my heart is the coldest. My personal life ain’t right, but I’m putting myself first, so I won’t lose focus. Remember I needed a helping hand, reached out and I got cold shoulders”

In ‘Cold Shoulder‘, Cee switches it up, getting introspective over a relatively laid-back drill beat. He delivers a reflective take on his come up, navigating his thoughts and reflecting on his personal life, his relationships, his beef. We get to know Central Cee more here, his personality comes out more than it has in other tracks. Less toxicity. Though, the DBE like toxicity is still a vibe. (this shit smacks in clubs, and we need to hear it at times, I don’t know why but there’s a time and a place for sure)

Central Cee, is an artist who manages to make a vibey track, but also keeps an ear to material which is inspiring. ‘Cold Shoulder’ adopts a rags to riches type narrative, and after the success Cee as had, it feels appropriate that he has released a track like this.

Retail Therapy

“I’m living a movie but it ain’t scripted, god is my witness get out my business, back in the day I had one pair of trainers, I wore that shit till it gave me blisters”

“Told her that I’m a Gemini, now she on google checking the compatibility”

More in line with what we would expect from Central Cee, ‘Retail therapy’ captures the art of Cee’s mainstream appeal. A track full of punchy, alliterative sentences which somehow connect with a listener, regardless of their background. He effortlessly presents a range of subjects and connects them together over a beat which brings a seamless listening experience.

He’s found his art, and knows how to make a track for mainstream ears. 2022 can only be a positive one for Central Cee, the growth of his music, and his fan base.

Sonny Green – CAME FROM

Sonny Green is a grime artist from Southend on Sea. Also, founder of the spoken word platform Trouble Tounges. Sonny is a prominent grime artist coming out of Essex, and has featured on urban music platform’s such as SBTV and BL@CKBOX , he has also performed at Reading on the BBC music introducing stage.

In CAME FROM. Sonny conveys the importance of staying grounded, remembering where you are from, and being responsible for your life direction.

“Listen to your gut instinct, i don’t care what him thinks”

“Don’t care about the in thing, but what’s within him”

“Its your life so course you’re in charge”

Digga D x StillBrickin – Pump 101

Digga D and Liverpoolion driller StillBrickin have collaborated brilliantly in ‘Pump 101’, taking a brief step away from drill to bring a fresh wave of energy on an a sampled beat from G unit classic ‘Stunt 101’.

Digga is waving the flag for UK drill at the moment, and he is gathering global recognition with a hugely successful 2021, following the release of his mixtape ‘Made in the Pyrex’. His recent music has showcased his versatility, and the release of ‘Pump 101’ is another great moment for Digga D. This track really gives off a high calibre aura, flaunting the potential of the UK scene and the capabilities of a UK rapper to make music which will be appreciated globally. link below!

Jadasea – Fades (produced by edgar the beatmaker)

half-life (2019 ep)

Wind whispers its applause, rain pours & doesn’t talk. It takes its course to our cries it ignores. Still we searching for the source for the truth, for the root, & the cause. Empty thoughts fill my head with remorse. Reflecting my flaws, no perfection, the rest ain’t assured. i’ve left it before, now i’ve let it tempt me don’t test me i’m torn, we been through the storm now out the other side still searching for the warmth. Still feel the same, feelings still in vain, in and out of shade, way too cold for me to stay. Jada yeah i’m Jaded, fate in my hands, no faith, yeah it faded.. away


Jadasea….verse had me caught in deep thoughts for a solid hour or .. day

A highly introspective analogy on perhaps the cycle of his thoughts (but probably relatable to all of us). Trying to find light through endless searching, but a tendency to never fully get to the place he wants to be. A cycle of storms & searching for warmth to only end up feeling the same. A conscious understanding of how falling enthusiasm & lack of faith, can cause you to lose your direction,

deep asf & not for the light hearted.

RAS Phanto — true riches (lyrics)

I’ve had this song on repeat, and thought i would post the lyrics. Thanks RAS, this is inspiring & thought provoking. (link to song down below)

I’m chasing way more than clout; I’m chasing way more than fame. (Chorus)

I’m chasing more than a bag, I’m chasing what money can’t tame.

I’ve been broke for a while now, I think everything gon’ change

I look at the sky and I smile now, I do not have no complaints.

I ask God will he save my soul today (x4)

It’s been a long time coming I really been patient

It’s natural to feel some temptation, whenever you waiting, and that’s not from God there from Satan

He’s road got some slack, he the prince of the matrix, tell me I wanna be famous

Money comes in but so does the hatred, I am so close I can taste it

Money and drugs, women and sex, rapping bout Gucci the fragrance

All of these rappers so basic, truth hurts.. but It can’t co-exist with the matrix

They on some fake shit, mad song, but they still so contagious, My song will be one for the ages

They chasing money, I’m chasing greatness.

I’m chasing way more than clout; I’m chasing way more than fame. (Chorus)

I’m chasing more than a bag; I’m chasing what money can’t tame.

I was broke for a while now, I think everything gon’ change

Yeah he my dawg when the sun’s out, but where was he at in the rain.

I ask God will he save my soul today (x4)

God told me be patient, and do not give into temptation

The devil be doing the most, he don’t do vacation, he working more than a day shift

These rappers just say the same shit, I live with god, I don’t see familiar faces

They standing so tall in these houses so spacious, clean up your glasses and clean up your shades

The richest among us are stuck in a cage, I guess that’s a new age slave

This is that new world order..

I don’t wanna play this game (x2)

Everyone’s real fake, worried about the wrong things, and that’s the real plague.

I ain’t really worried bout’ clout, I ain’t really worried bout’ fame (Chorus)

I’d had a lotta lotta doubts, I’d had a lotta that pain.

I’m praising god in these droughts, and I’m praising god in that rain

I’m still on my knees every day when I pray, and this what I tell god man this what I say..

I say God will he save my soul today (x3)

I’m chasing way more than clout, I’m chasing way more than fame.

I m chasing more than a bag, I’m chasing what money cant tame.

Dpart – No Fixed Abode

From Being Homeless to Signing His First Management Contract. North West London’s Dpart is back with ‘No Fixed Abode’.

Hailing from humble beginnings, Dpart talks about his journey from being homeless to signing his first management deal. After a 3 year break from music, the last 12 months have been a whirlwind for Dpart who managed to clinch 2x UK Download Chart top 40’s with his single ‘Declan Rice’ & Album ‘Deep Art’. A series of single releases this year including ‘Really about this’ (which earned an energised remix with Mic Righteous), ‘Squid Game (wake up)’ and most notably his impressive SBTV Warm up session all showcase Dpart’s impressive lyrical ability. His return is a breath of fresh air for fans of real rap. Also, an advocate for mental health, Dpart is clear with his intentions with his music, with a genuine ambition to help others through narrating his own story & struggles through his music.

“Not just music this Is deep art. “it’s not just music to me, its therapy, an outlet, it’s a release, its everything”

interview on Discovery

Over a skippy upbeat drill instrumental by Heatmaky, Dpart continues in a similar vien in ‘Fixed Abode’ . Coming with clean visuals, Dpart expresses his story in this energising and bouncy track. Getting straight to the point Dpart introduces himself with “There’s more to this story man“. A clear indication that he is not done with music and with over 10 years experience in music, he has a lot more to give.

He touches upon a range of topics in the track such as his difficult unbringing, the disloyalty he has experienced; and how he overcame his struggles and got his life together to be in the place his is now.

“Not full of myself I’m just proud, real ones understand there’s no doubt, if you came from where I came from you’d understand. On a night bus weren’t none of this planned.”

Genuinely, i love the energy Dpart shows throughout the track. its an inspiring take on how one can make the most of his talent and through struggle and hardship, hustle to try to create a positive life. Also, showcasing a very accurate take on mental health, with an awareness that although he has turnt his life around, he still struggles from time to time, but theres appreciation that life is a lot better than it used to be.

“I was forced to support me, thought id be living that life past 40. Then I clocked that this isn’t life, got a shit 9-5, did a bit on the side. And you know what? I grinded since, still struggle with my brain but my life is sick

It’s clear Dpart has been on a rollercoaster journey, but its even more clear that he has learnt a lot through his experience, and is ready to put his knowledge & talent into fruition and make a name for himself!